The No-Bullshit Party

Monday, January 12, 2009

Well my friend and I have recently decided to start a political party. We were discussing politics and how we need as a nation to raise the American standard of living. Many people will argue that we live well enough here compare to other nations. But nonetheless we have many problems here in the U.S. and there is always room for improvement! Yes many countries are in poverty, war and famine. But being the most influential and wealthiest nation in the world, we have to set a better example for other nations in the world. With the many problems we've been facing here in the U.S. recently such as the imperialist actions taken against Iraq and Afghanistan, the failing economy, the subsidization of failing corporations, the on-going War on Drugs, the overfilling of prisons, and the violations on many basic liberties (mainly the Patriot Act). With all those problems, we have been having countless politicians promising to remedy these problems while they have been doing the exact opposite in the government! Bailout of the major banking firms, anyone? Yes, with the bailout of those big finance firms, the majority of the American people were against it! Then the congressmen turned their back, and ignore the public outcry!

I say it's time to end with the bullshit! It's time to end all these false promises, half truths, fear tactics and shameless propaganda! For the past 100 years, America has only had two major political parties, both of which don't do anything to better America. We only have one more political party than Totalitarian North Korea! Many people voted Democrat this past presidential election, ensuring a landslide victory for Barack Obama, in hopes he and the Democratic Party will end the war and help the failing economy. But many people don't realize that the Democrats have had the majority of seats in Congress for the past two years!!! No war was ended and the economy still failed! Thus comes the creation of the No-Bullshit Party! I say we cut the bullshit and start talking straight and bluntly. The people need the truth and not lies, deceit, and over complicated political lingo!

Well as for the No-Bullshit Party, It's an experiment. We're starting as Facebook group to see if we can discuss politics in a civilized manner without bringing hostile political allegiances into the table. We have hopes to create awareness of the country's current problems and talk with people discussing and informing them how exactly our government works.

So cut the BULLSHIT! and join the No-Bullshit Party!
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