Since I Left You

Saturday, May 9, 2009

While looking at remixes made by this guy called Pogo(a.k.a Fagottron) on YouTube, who samples movie sounds and music to make unique musical compositions, I read a comment on one the videos suggesting to listen to this band called The Avalanches. So of course due to my undying curiosity of listening to new music I acquired The Avalanches first and only record, Since I Left You. This album is completely composed of samples from movies and music. From Snoop Dog to The Osmonds to the Beastie Boys to Madonna to Old Westerns films, the variety of samples is simply awesome achieving a perfect mix of uplifting beats to relaxing rhythms. This is one of the few albums I must say that truly deserves an entire listen through. Unlike most music albums where you buy them only to listen to a couple of tracks and the majority of the other tracks are just filler that one never listens to again, this album is completely the contrary to that. Every song is just as excellent as the next and the entire album flows seamlessly to the subsequent track. So far I’ve listened to this album 6 times without skipping a track, the beats are just amazing and I got so into it I didn’t want to stop it halfway. It’s like watching an epic movie and deciding to stop halfway and finish the rest later, the movie experience then wouldn’t be the same. First time I listened to this album I played it on my iPod during my subway commute and the beats were so enticing that without really realizing, until people started looking me in an odd way, I was my bobbing my head and tapping my feet to the uplifting rhythms. Same thing happened when I was in my college library studying later that day, and let me tell you I got tons of work done; my brain was running on full steam while I was listening to this album. This album has the uncanny ability to make you want to get up and dance but at the same time sit down and relax. Perfect for commuting, studying, working out, or partying, this album fits every mood and situation. I urge everyone to give a listen to this album!

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yes...we are quite the judgmental ones
you'd still judge my musical taste even though I listen to everything as well