Escaping Reality.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I really want to watch this documentary. Even though I am not a hardcore gamer, well barely a gamer at all nowadays, I can still relate to these people. We all find ways to escape reality, whether it's listening to a 3 minute song, or two hours watching a film, or over the course of a couple of days reading a book, or 50+ hours playing a video game. Sometimes we all need an escape, an escape to a completely different world where real life is completely irrelevant. The thing that fascinates me is that video games nowadays offer an almost total immersion to a completely different world. It's a whole lot more immersing than a movie or book could ever achieve, where instead of reading about the the character, in a video game you are the character. A more personal and involving relationship is created between you and the virtual world. The friends you make in these online video games start becoming your real friends and one starts developing real relationships, but all in a totally unreal world. It's fascinating how these virtual world can be so important to a person's life. The world becomes such gigantic escape from the real world, that one starts feeling part more from a virtual world than the real world. I guess that's happening in much of our society nowadays. The line between reality and virtual is blurring. At least here in the United States most of us take part in a virtual community, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, World of Warcraft, Fantasy Football, or the countless Message Boards offered online. Even though most of these virtual communities, like Facebook, are virtual mirror images of our real-life communities. We still use them as escapes from the real-world.