7 Steps to Living a Happier Life

Friday, July 17, 2009

I sat down one day and wondered to myself, what makes me feel happy? What things do I do that brighten my day? After pondering this I decided to write this list to express the things that make me feel happy. I follow these simple 7 steps on a daily basis and they brighten my day every time. Hopefully this will do the same for you. Enjoy!

1. Smile more often

People don’t realize the power of a simple smile. A smile can lighten any mood or any situation no matter how bad. When you walk down the street, you should smile. When you see your friend, you should smile. When life seems gloomy try giving someone you know a smile, I assure you they will smile back and the fact that they smile back will make you feel warm and happy inside. A smile is a beautiful thing, regardless of the face or the situation. Smiling is contagious and once you smile someone is bound to smile around you. Even smiling when you’re by yourself can make you happier. So go out there and smile! =)

2. Think Positive

People vastly underestimate the power of positive thinking. When you start thinking of things you DO WANT rather than things you DON’T WANT, you will start attracting those positive experiences into your life. Think of that brand new car you want rather than the debt you have or buying it will entail. Think of the person you want to be with rather than constantly think of the loneliness you feel. Constantly think positive, be an optimist because in life it’s not worth it thinking negatively. Start seeing the positive things of life, preoccupy your mind with only things you want to happen, and once you do good things will start happening.

3. Take things slowly

If you live life too fast you will miss out on the good things in life. Instead of living in a rush; a rush to finish school, a rush to finish the work day, a rush to get to work, a rush to eat your food, a rush to fall in love, a rush to grow, a rush to make money, SLOW DOWN! Simply taking things slow will help you to appreciate all the fine things in life. Start eating slowly and enjoy the awesome amount of unique flavors by taking one deliberate bite at a time. Walk slowly, start enjoying all the beautiful scenery that’s around you, appreciate all the friendly faces you see walking by. Talk slowly, calmly gather your thoughts and then speak freely, rationally and coherently. When talking to another person, let the person speak, don’t be in a rush to interrupt, simply listen to everything someone has to say, then when that person is done you should speak your mind. Love slowly; don’t rush into a relationship too hastily. Get to know a potential partner, learn who they are, listen to them, talk to them. A healthy relationship has to have a strong hearty foundation and it’s best to build that slowly and deliberately with lots of care and love. When reading a book, read it slowly. Reflect upon the words you are reading. Take in all the detail that is given to you; slowly paint an image of the story into you head, that way the book will be more thoroughly enjoyed. When working, do your job slowly. Pay attention to the smallest detail, no matter how painstaking, by the end of the ordeal you will end up doing a much better job and feeling good that you just did so. Learn slowly. No one becomes a master at something overnight. Take your time to learn something, whether it’s learning a new mathematical function, learning history, learning how to use a new device, learning how to play an instrument, learning how play a sport or learning how to dance. Whatever you are learning, take your time, learn it calmly, slowly and deliberately, at the end you will become amazing at it. Taking things slow, living life slow will help you appreciate all the small things in life that we miss when we are in a rush. Take life step by step and life will become a much happier place.

4. Listen to music that bring happy memories and evoke positive feelings

Fact is nowadays the majority of people listen to music on a daily basis. When listening to some music try to put music that evokes positive feelings and that might bring back happy memories from the past. We all have those songs that just pick us up, lighten our moods, and make us forget about our problems. Usually these songs are the ones with positive lyrics and upbeat rhythms. So next time you listen to music put one of those up-beat songs, close your eyes and let those happy thoughts overcome you. A beautiful piece of music has the uncanny ability to block everything bad that has happened to you and just simply make you feel happy.

5. Surround yourself with happy people

A lot of us have that one friend that is always depressed, that is always complaining about life, and always talking about their problems. Instead of surrounding yourself with those kinds of people it’s better to be with people that are positive and happy. The company you keep really determines what kind of person you are and determines your current mindset. It’s better to surround yourself with people who enjoy spending their time with you by talking about uplifting topics, who take part in activities that make you feel happy and alive, people who simply make you smile by their very sight. Of course sometimes you have a friend that is feeling sad or angry and by no means I insinuate you should avoid them completely. Best thing to do is to smile (See Step 1), lighten the mood and try to help out that person by lifting up their spirits. Don’t reinforce negative behaviors by agreeing or sympathizing with someone’s complaints or grievances, instead challenge those complaints and grievances and try to make them happier, suggest to them something they can do to lift their spirits. It’s not only necessary to surround yourself with people that are happy but it is also necessary to make sure that the people you surround yourself with stay happy.

6. Love yourself

You, yes I mean YOU, are the greatest thing ever created in the universe. We are all wonderful creatures capable of achieving the greatest things in life. Sometimes you have to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “I love me”. Sounds vain or narcissistic? On the contrary, you must first love yourself before you begin to love others. Start loving your body; everything in your body should be loved. Love the way you look, no matter how fat or skinny you are you should love the way you look because you are a beautiful person inside and out. The happiest people are not always the best looking, the best in shape, or the most intelligent people; they are the people who have a high respect for themselves. Being at war with yourself by feeling down by the way you look and the way you act will never allow you to be happy. To be happy you must love everything about you, have such a high respect for yourself that you won’t allow any ridiculous self-conscious feelings affect you in a negative way. Love yourself then you can start loving others.

7. Love life

Love is the greatest power in the universe. Love conquers all. When you start loving everything you do, from the smallest task to the biggest endeavor. You must love everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, you do in life. You have to love your body, love your house, love your family, love your friends, love your significant other, love the food on your table, love the bed you sleep in, love the good health you have, love the city you live in, love the music you listen to, love your job, love the things you learn everyday, love a person’s smile, just simply and irrevocably love life! There nothing else to it, just start loving everything that’s around you, change the focus from the things you hate and change to the things you love. Constantly list the things you are most grateful for. Look around with appreciation for everything that surrounds you. Life is a beautiful thing and one should realize that very fact. There are simply so many things to love in life that by the time one starts putting their focus on the things they love and fill their heart with love they will forget everything they hate. Love is an amazing thing that all our hearts should be filled with. So go out there and LOVE life! <3


Richard S said...

i agree!, and i remember that painting from my Art History class =]