Monday, March 2, 2009

I can’t believe this film has been out in NYC for more than a month and I still haven’t seen it! Think what you may of Che Guevara, but he is undeniably one the most recognized, iconic, and infamous man of the 20th century. Benicio Del Toro looks exactly like the Che we see in the iconic photos and T-Shirts. I really loved The Motorcycle Dairies, which was about a young 20-something Che Guevara traveling throughout South America discovering the reality of the world’s problems, and so happy they made a film about his future exploits, the Cuban Revolution and Bolivian coup. Can’t believe this movie didn’t get more exposure, then again his status as an international icon is controversial, revolting against imperialist nations but murdering many people for that cause, he is definitely no Gandhi…

"Es mejor morir de pie, que vivir de rodillas"
–Che Guevara
In English: “It’s better to die standing up, than to live on your knees”


Marty said...

I was just watching an interview with benicio del toro about that movie the other night. I was surprised that it was an indie film. I would think a movie about che guevara would've had a lot of public appeal. By the way, did you know Benicio Del Toro is Joe's uncle lol

ProphetZen said...

what really?!?!

Dissolved Girl said...

I am one of those that was raised disliking Che. The mention of his name in my household brought a scowl on my grandmothers face and a few curse words out of my grandfathers mouth. So when I went to see this film I went with a different point of view that is not the most popular.

I left the theater feeling a bit different in my feelings towards Che. So I am now on a quest to learn more about this man on my own, outside of what was taught to me.

Overall, I think it was a greatly made movie and del Torro did a wonderful job.