Man on Wire: Review

Saturday, February 28, 2009

An exquisite film about a man following his dreams and following his undying passion for his art, this is the story Philippe Petit's dangerous, daring and illegal stunt of walking on a tightrope across the New York City Twin Towers! A stunt that is considered by many the "greatest artistic crime of the 20th century". This was an amazing documentary showing how a small group of men dedicated to show the world the greatest feat a person can accomplish. An engaging story on the massive undertaking these people went through. This stunt was completely done illegally thus they had to do everything under the radar. The documentary goes through a step-by-step retelling of the entire stunt, it was exciting, suspenseful, and awe inspiring. This film truly deserved its Oscar for Best Documentary. It was inspiring how one man with a passion for his art of wire walking can achieve his ultimate dream, walking between two skyscrapers 1350 feet above ground! Man on Wire is an enigmatic documentary that keeps you glued to the screen and may inspire you to follow your own dreams!
Final Grade: A

"To me, it's really so simple, that life should be lived on the edge. You have to exercise rebellion. To refuse to tape yourself to the rules, to refuse your own success, to refuse to repeat yourself, to see every day, every year, every idea as a true challenge. Then you will live your life on the tightrope."
-Philippe Petit


Je m'appelle Marielle said...

That's a good quote. And, I'm in love with this song.

leneli said...

this looks really good.
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