A Different Kind of Music Film

Monday, April 6, 2009

Here are two music films that are not your typical music concert film (ala Rolling Stones’ The Forty Licks, The Police Live in Argentina). Arcade Fire’s Miroir Noir and Sigur Rós’ Heima transcend the typical concert film and instead show a cleaver mix of cinematography and a behind the scenes look with of course the necessary concert footage, but not necessarily the big Madison Square Garden concerts, more smaller but intimate concerts. Sigur Rós’ film especially looks beautiful with its exposition of the vast majestic landscapes of Iceland. Arcade Fire’s Miroir Noir seems like a more intimate behind the scenes look at the making of their groundbreaking music that has been made popular throughout the world over. Both are already out on DVD and I definitely plan on watching them soon, but for the meanwhile here is a trailer of Heima and a clip of Miroir Noir. Enjoy!

Sigur Rós’ Heima

Arcade Fire’s Miroir Noir