Random #1

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's immensely beautiful outside so I decided to make a playlist that is indie-rock oriented for sunny day like this. Here it is, enjoy:

My friend found this and I found it hilarious! It's so sad but true, with all these budget cuts and fare hikes that the MTA is incorporating. The situation is truly comical if you really look at, a company like MTA is not making a profits so they decided to raise prices, ok the raising prices part is understandable but they also to drastically cut service! Ummm something is wrong here, it's like if Subway, the fast food chain, gets their $5 footlong deals that they been having for the past year and decide to raise the prices to $10 and decrease the deal from a footlong to only a 6-inch sub!! Well at least now I can FINISH my podcasts during my commute...

And lastly here is rare cover song that has collected some proverbial dust on my iPod music library. The is Surfin' USA, originally by the Beach Boys, done by the band The Jesus and Mary Chain, which was an Alternative Rock band from the 1980's that really never made it "big" but their albums were critically acclaimed and now along with bands like The Smiths and The Kinks they have reemerged in the hipster music scene.

Surfin’ USA (Summer Mix) - The Jesus and Mary Chain